Automotive - Driven to Deliver

Automotive - Driven to Deliver

From Design to the Production Line

Working with some of the largest OEMs in North America for more than 40 years — our automotive stamping expertise is extensive. Whether it’s simplifying designs, re-engineering parts, meeting lead times for high-volume production, welding or assembly, we‘re more than capable of taking your projects from concept to car-ready cost effectively.

Prototype to Production Services

  • In-house prototyping and tooling
  • Automotive Stamping — from 75 to 1600 ton hydraulic and mechanical presses
  • Metal forming
  • 3, 4, and 5 axis machining
  • Laser and water jet cutting
  • Welding, both automated and manual with flexible and dedicated cells
  • Assembly — final and in-process available
  • Secondary operations
    • Tapping, Riveting, Crimping, Deburring, and Adhesive Applications
  • Stringent quality assurance process using Six Sigma
  • Strict preventative maintenance inspection procedures

Tooling - Deep Draw Technology, Upper Track ReinforcementStamping / Assembly, Cross Member - C Pillar

Current Partners

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  • ISO TS16949 Certified

  • ISO 9001 Certified

  • ISO 14001 Certified

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