Aerospace - Reverse Enginnering - Rendering a Better Solution

Aerospace - Reverse Enginnering - Rendering a Better Solution


Lacking any actual 3D model or prints, an aerospace customer turned to us to digitize and then reproduce a heat shield component quickly and cost-effectively.


Our process began by utilizing a non-contact laser scanner to digitize the heat shield and create a 3D model or “point cloud” from the data. We then cross-sectioned the point cloud to obtain exact measurements and analyze critical areas.

Using these measurements we created a Mesh Model, which in turn allowed us to create a New Surface Model. At this point, it was a simple matter of translating the New Surface Model into a CAD Model that represented the exact part, right down to the most precise measurements.


  • Created a digital 3D model improving process efficiencies for development of accompanying parts
  • Obtained critical information to develop the tooling necessary for manufacturing
  • Ultimately reduced time spent in development, saving time and money

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