Our roots reach all the way back to Switzerland, where precision is a way of life. That precision is built into every stamping and assembly manufactured for our customers.

Justin Schaller immigrated to the United States in 1914, when he was 21. Throughout the next 31 years he gained valuable knowledge and experience in manufacturing. He formed Schaller Tool & Die Company in 1945. Over the next 30 years the company experienced steady growth while building a reputation for quality and innovation. During this time Justin’s three sons, Justin, Albert and Roger, joined the company.

In 1975 Schaller expanded its service beyond die design and build into automotive sheet metal prototypes and aircraft stampings. The complete retooling of the aircraft program in 1981 brought increased efficiency with a better quality part at lower costs.

The knowledge gained from manufacturing precision tolerance aircraft parts led Schaller to the automotive stamping industry. In 1982 Schaller Corporation was formed to service the intermediate to high-volume production stamping customer. In 2009 Schaller AES (Advanced Emissions Systems) was created to apply Schaller’s superior knowledge of metal flow and stamping to the manufacture of catalytic converters.

Today, the Schaller Group of companies is still family owned and operated, and is an award-winning, premier, single-source provider of metal stamping services, from design and engineering to testing, prototyping, stamping, assembly, and packaging.

The companies continue to build a reputation for quality, precision, and innovation, strengthening a commitment to superior service and workmanship  that began many years ago.

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